Who's Who?

Jimmy Azogue
& Sylvie Capdeboscq


Always interested in traditional puppets (we began in 1989) we first performed our Polichinelle show in 2002….. in south west of England.... And with some English!

Pushed (or driven or both!) by our very good friend, Dan Bishop, who noticed a lack of Polichinelle show in France, we began our researches in old books (Polichinelle is a little older than Punch).

Louis Edmond Duranty wrote a book with 25 stories, in 1861. We chose “The Barrel” (we live in the Jurançon region) which is a very funny story and close to the spirit of Punch.

We began to perform in our area (Aquitaine) then in other venues and festivals in France.

From 2004 we began to perform abroad (Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, England, Wales, Taiwan, Slovakia…).

Guignol, Punch, Roberto, Pulcinella: we performed together in festivals and each time, it’s a great pleasure for children, adults and especially for us.


← Jimmy Azogue and José Gil at Aberystwyth

We also are fond of the history of Polich and we collect documents, engravings, books about him.

At the same time we were in contact with Michael Byrom and he was looking for French documents, especially a particular book: Polichinelle (de Guignol) by Gustave Kahn, middle19 century. Happily, we found it, and it was our modest contribution to Michael’s last book: Punch Polichinelle and Pulcinella.

Polichinelle is a rebel (as we are!) For example: most of the pamphlets written in 1649 against Mazarin (cardinal, prime minister) were signed Polichinelle. He said, at the end of one, I can hear people in the streets calling: Polichinelle, but never Jules!! Each time, our devil asks the audience: “was Polichinelle naughty?” The answer begins by: “oui” but quickly turns into “non” and we are delighted !!

One happy memory: at a festival in Aberystwyth (difficult to pronounce if you are French!) all the 12 castelets (booths) together playing Polich, Punch, Roberto, Tchantchès v. Devil at the same time: amazing!!!

Polichinelle and Punch are close cousins. This is one of the reasons for us to be much honored to be: Professors extraordinarius of the P&J College of professors.

Thanks to all the colleagues and friends.
Polich! Croco! Sylvie & Jimmy